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“Very relaxing / fantastic service / lovely atmosphere – everything was great! Thanks!”

Diane Borger
Manitoba Riding for the Disabled

“Today I enjoyed a magical therapeutic massage – thank you, thank you, thank you! I came in with an incredibly sore mid-back and right shoulder… the pain relief has been awesome! Finally I may be able to sleep through the night as the throbbing pain has stopped! I’ll be back soon!!”

Judy Payne

“The staff were professional and courteous and very friendly, made me feel very comfortable immediately. The services provided were exceptional. Highly recommend!”

Evelyn Gergely

“Great service, great facility and met my expectations. I would not hesitate to return or refer. Thank you!”

Rob W

“Your staff was great, very friendly and informative. I really like how my eyelashes turned out. I’d definitely recommend your salon.”

Thierry A

“I had a great pedicure! Staff are all super friendly and I highly recommend.”

Karen Sones

“Therapeutic massage was fantastic!! The best massage I have ever had, feeling so relaxed!”

Joyce F

“A day at the spa creates a great deal of anticipation for me. I love the relaxation and the feeling of being pampered. All of the staff at PRI-VATE made sure that I wasn’t disappointed. They were exceptional in taking care of me and ensuring all of my treatments were done professionally. I would recommend PRI-VATE Spa to anyone who is looking for an upscale spa that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere.”

Barb Rutherford

“For a first time massage experience. .. I was amazed it was wonderful and plan to return …thank you PRI-VATE and staff …”


“First time massage, very calming and relaxing. I will be booking again Thanks!!”

Linda M

“I am extremely impressed. This is the first time that I have not had a terrible reaction to being waxed. This was the best waxing experience I’ve ever had. With you there was virtually no pain. The Face Addiction products that you put on my face afterwards smelled heavenly and made me feel so special all day. I will be purchasing them for use at home. The atmosphere was relaxing, soothing and very private. The spa itself was decorated elegantly and extremely clean. Thank you so very much!”

Wanda G

“Great experience. Love the intimate setting.”

Lori M

“Your staff was excellent. Very nice and friendly and a truly enjoyable experience. My manicure and pedicure was the best I’ve ever had. The spa is beautiful and I highly recommend it!!”

Brenda Airth

“The spa is beautiful, the atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff are all wonderful and extremely pleasant :-)”

Laura Chlopecki

“I just want to say thank you so much to Pri-Vate Spa and Kim.

I have been in so much pain for the past year. Last summer I fell cleaning the shower and when I sat or lay down it was painful. As long as I stood all day I was ok. Not getting a good night sleep and being in constant pain for a whole year has been so hard. I tried massage therapy, chiropractic, physio and even acupuncture. I got relief for the day but that was about it. I heard about Kim through a friend and thought I had nothing to lose by trying.

I saw kim for 1 treatment and cant wait to go back! This is the first time in a year I have actually been able to sleep and roll over in bed again! His treatment felt like part chiro and part massage. Plus never has anyone ever looked at the bottom of my feet to look at how I walk. He showed me I was putting all my pressure on one foot to compensate for the pain. So for the first time in a year Kim has made me feel like there is finally hope that I will be pain free and live life again. This is the best treatment I have ever had!!!”

September 2017

“Never knew facial could be so awesome. Love how sanitary everything is. Massage…sure could tell she knew what she was doing. I have already recommended your services to several people!”

Cora Muzik

“All I can say is wow. The staff was great. Top notch. I will be back.”

Sam Neis

“Had a lovely time. Very clean, very professional.”

Linda G

“I have finally found relief! I have shoulder and lower back issues from being on my feet for extended periods of time. I experienced an unbelievable reduction in pain from the very first treatment with Kim.

Kim’s Osteopathy treatments have helped me greatly and he has also given me exercises to do at home that are very beneficial.

I am excited and pleased to have found Kim and his services! And the Spa itself is well appointed and extremely clean which is mandatory for me.”


“I was unfamiliar with Osteopathy and thought I would try it as Kim at Pri-Vate was highly recommended to me. Now I am sleeping better, am more relaxed and no longer feel
that muscle knot. Thank you Kim!”

Name Withheld

“This was the best full body massage I have ever experienced — thank you!”

Terri T

“The atmosphere was calm and relaxing. I received the relaxation massage and a pedicure. Both were top notch, I will be definitely going back.”

Danielle M

“One of the best treatments I have ever had. I will be back and will recommend others.”


“Can I give 6 stars? Kim is amazing! I have had definite (and in some cases, immediate) improvements from seeing him. I recommend him to absolutely everyone!”

Sarah C

“Treatment felt great and was helpful. Friendly service.”


“The relaxation massage was awesome! I will be back!”


“Kim is very knowledgeable and gives an excellent treatment.”


“Kim is very pleasant and thorough. Looking forward to my next next appointment.”


“Kim is a miracle worker.”


“The massage was awesome!”


“The massage was exceptional and the Spa is very relaxing and clean. It was a wonderful experience!”


“Your staff was lovely to work with… they treated us beautifully. I am sure that we will be back again.”


“Wonderful experience, Kim is a very knowledgeable and pleasant Osteopath.”

Paula F

“It was so lovely to find an Osteo Therapist taking patients and Kim was very thorough at explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable. A great first experience, looking forward to my next appointment.”

Robyn H

“Kim is great. He is full of advice to assist in ongoing recovery. Very attentive during treatment sessions.”


“The therapist (Kim) was awesome and very friendly… will surely go back again!”


“The treatment I received (from Kim) was excellent! Helpful explanation of my issues and good advice for at-home treatment.”


“Kim is a miracle worker!”


“Kim is an excellent osteopath and has a pleasant mannerism. I can honestly say I felt much better after the appt and I have had the experience of multiple massage therapists to know the differences & Kim does a high quality treatment.”


“Kim is a pro and his treatment enabled my muscles to loosen up in just one treatment. He clearly knows what he is doing as he explains everything that he does, what the benefits are and the possible causes of your tense muscles. Aside from the massage he had some tools that he uses to help relax and alleviate pain on target areas. Their rates are also quite reasonable and his workplace is clean and serene. I would definitely recommend him!”


“Massage was amazing!! Beautiful and clean location!! [Kim] was awesome!! Great experience worth every cent!!”

Alysha H

“Very knowledgeable and professional osteopath! I enjoyed the treatment and at the same time noticed improvement to some of the symptoms I had before the treatment. I highly recommend!”


“Thanks so much Kim!!! I loved it so much that I booked my husband with you for tomorrow!!”


“Kim’s incredible skill was demonstrated when he was able to get my back muscles to relax and then get my rotated vertebrae to gently move back into place. No jarring or force… it was amazing how easily it corrected. I will be back as a repeat customer because now I have hope that my back problems can be fixed. Thanks Kim!”


“This was my first time seeing an Osteopath. Kim is great at communicating what he is doing and where my problem areas are. The facility is very clean and has a good atmosphere. I went to the gym a few hours later and hit personal records in squat and deadlift. I would highly recommend seeing Kim!”


“Excellent massage. Rizwana was so good. I was totally relaxed and almost fell asleep. The staff I met are all so nice and welcoming. I would certainly go for another massage.”


“Kim is knowledgeable and he tailored my 60 minute treatment to my precise physical needs. Just the right amount of pressure. Courteous and professional. Best massage I ever had!”


“Very pleased with Osteopathic session,will be back!”


“[Kim was] Great! Will definitely be returning soon!”


“I really enjoyed my experience today. I felt Kim was very educated and knew exactly what he was doing. I will definitely return.”


“Consistent, great experience with Kim! Always does a great job!”


“Kim is an excellent therapist. Introduced himself , telling me about his schooling and experience. He made me feel comfortable and always asked me how I was feeling. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Will definitely return. Thank you Kim, Anna”


“The best massage I’ve ever had. Appreciate all [of Kim’s] recommendations and advice!”


“Kim is attentive, engaged, focused on what I need and provides excellent advice on the ailment!”


“This was the 2nd time I came for treatment. Kim Sanchez is a great therapist! Very knowledgeable. Explains what he is doing and why. He cares. I wish I could attend more frequently! I have another treatment booked next month.”


“Great having a massage catered specifically to your needs. Felt quite good and still do. Looking forward to future visits with Kim!”


“Kim is very professional. Feel the improvement to my issue after the first session. Highly recommended.”


“Couldn’t ask for a better practitioner! Kim is phenomenal.”


“Great experience! Neck and back feel great just after one appointment. Very kind and friendly staff as well.”


“Kim has helped considerably with my neck and back pain. Highly recommend his services.”


“Really impressed with the holistic approach and the amount of pressure used. I could feel things loosen and left feeling a lot more balanced and really noticed an improvement! Really excited about continuing with treatments!”


“These treatments improve my workouts and leisure time and my quality of life. I even sleep better!”


“Kim is excellent. Michael at the reception counter is wonderful.”


“Wonderful osteopathic treatment by Kim. Highly recommend!”


“Rizwana was excellent! She made me feel very comfortable and she was very thorough…I will be recommending her to my friends!”


“I really enjoyed the massage. I didn’t realize how sore i was. Worth it people. Tip him generously.”


“Wonderful experience, the facial was so pampering and the massage very relaxing. I really enjoyed them and truly recommend the Pri-Vate Spa and Rizwana, she has healing hands!”


First of all , heated massage bed??? Yes ! Rizwana is excellent. What a beautiful woman she is and MAGICAL !! The energy /the heat and the power she has in her hands makes the best massage ever ! I highly recommended her to you ladies , you will love her ! I’ll definitely see her again


Kim is a wonderful Osteopath! And the other staff are very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to accommodate me and often have specials on services. I will keep going back!


Spa & staff are wonderful! Very friendly and professional. Dmitry was excellent – thank you!




(Please note we require 24 hours notice if you are unable to make an appointment or would like to reschedule.)

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