“I have to say these are the BEST lash extensions I have ever had.  Lots of compliments as they look great! Sarah is extremely competent and does a very professional job.  I normally get the classic set but tried the hybrid for a little extra volume and they look thicker but still very natural.  The Spa is clean and the lash chair is amazing.  I even dozed for awhile 🙂 I highly recommend Pri-vate Spa!”


Lash Extensions . . .

Oh boy – what can we say other than you’ll love ours!

Eyelash extensions at PRI-VATE Spa Winnipeg


The procedure of having your eyelash extensions applied is completely relaxing and painless. Dedicated to providing a calm and highly personalized service, using only the best professional products, we continually strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.


We use only professional-use lash extension products.  Mink lashes, formaldehyde free high quality adhesives, sensitive eye adhesive available, gel pads to sooth your under eye area during application.


You will relax in our zero gravity lounge chair during the 90 minute application and probably fall asleep!


Your eyes will become a focal point even without makeup and you can choose from natural to dramatic.




Please call us for some unbelievable special pricing!   


You will not be paying the amounts below.


From what our clients say we provide the nicest lashes at the best price in town!


Our Lash Tech Sarah is exceptional, experienced and meticulous. 

She knows what she is doing! She will customize the lash length and diameter to your natural lashes.  she will add fans for fullness where required.

Please try us out.  You will be very pleased!


Most Popular Full Set 100 – 150 Mink Lashes per Eye     SPECIAL $75 




Hybrid Set – both single and 3D Fans are applied. SPECIAL $89
This application will give you more fullness and a slightly more dramatic look
3D Dramatic Volume Full Set 180 Lashes per Eye     SPECIAL $99 
Natural Mascara Look 50 Lashes per Eye – this is a very wispy look     SPECIAL  $65
Outer Eye Half Set 30 Lashes per Eye – Cat’s Eye Look    SPECIAL $55 







  • Please do not wear mascara or use makeup remover on your lashes for a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you are able to not wear mascara for 48 hours before your appointment that is preferable. The cleaner your natural lashes are the better the adhesive and extensions will adhere. Also, please do not curl your lashes for 48 hours prior to your appointment.


  • Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment. They will have to be removed prior to lash extensions being applied. You cannot put them back in for at least 24 hours after your appointment.




  • Applying a full set of lash extensions takes 90 – 120  minutes. You will be laying on a zero gravity lounge chair. Please use the rest room prior to starting your appointment. You will not be able to use your phone during your appointment so please have it on mute.


  • Please make sure you know what look you would like to achieve and communicate that with our Lash Technician. Remember lashes can only be applied where you have a full natural lash. If there is a gap in your natural lashes there will not be a lash for us to apply an extension. Extensions cannot be applied to very small new lashes as they will not support the weight of the extensions.


  • After you explain what you would like please relax and let the magic begin! Remember if you talk your eyes may involuntarily move, making the application more difficult and time consuming. Most of our clients will fall asleep during application and that’s great!




  • Please allow at least 48 hours for the adhesive to cure. That means no water on your lashes. No swimming, saunas, showers…


  • Be gentle with your lashes. Don’t rub your eyes, don’t dry your face and rub your eyes with a towel.


  • Bacteria builds up at the base of a person’s lashes. This is normal. You must cleanse your lashes by letting water gently run down your face and lashes when you are in the shower. To dry your face always put the towel or tissue UNDER your bottom lashes then blink. This will gently dry your lashes without putting pressure on your extensions.


  • DO NOT wear mascara. DO NOT curl your lash extensions.


  • DO gently brush your lashes daily with a dry, clean lash brush. Usually doing this once a day in the AM or after the shower. Only do this when your lashes are dry.




  • Remember you will need to get a fill on your lashes every 3 – 4 weeks. This is to replace the lashes that have fallen out when your natural lashes have shed.


  • A fill will normally take about an hour and cost $50.  Hybrid and Volume fills will cost more as the lashes are more expensive. Keeping up with your fills will keep your lashes looking full.


  • If you wait too long before a fill we may need to do a whole new set so please don’t forget your fills!