Kim Sanchez-Aldana D.O.M.P.

Kim was trained extensively in Mexico and has completed his Canadian accreditation as a Manual Osteopath from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. Kim is also currently working towards his Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Manitoba.

Manual osteopaths identify, assess, and treat the body’s structures and rhythm using a gentle, hands-on approach. This fundamental technique is called osteopathic palpation. Manual osteopaths develop a very sensitive sense of touch to master osteopathic palpation. Osteopathic palpation is what makes manual osteopathy different from other forms of therapy.

Osteopathy may assist in the following areas: arm, shoulder, back, hip, ankle, foot, knee, muscle issues, sciatica, sports injuries and carpal tunnel to name a few.  And this may be the best massage you’ve ever had!

Osteopathic services are insurance eligible on most plans other than Manitoba Blue Cross.

Please read Kim’s reviews.  He is exceptional!

Osteopathic Services


     $45 SPECIAL REGULAR $100
60 Minutes First Appointment
Subsequent Treatments may be slightly shorter in duration depending on what is required