We offer a large selection of Poo-Pourri products in our shop…

Poo-Pourri 1-ounce bottle

Toilet Spray

Check out our selection of bathroom fragrances, including Original, Heavy Doody, No. 2Poo La La, Sh*ttin’ Pretty, and Toot Fairy!

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman

Master Crapsman

This 2-spray gift pack will give your guy the right tools for big jobs!

Potty Mouth Breath Mist

Enjoy a choice of mouth-tingling flavors like Candy Cane, Citrus Mint, and Vanilla Mint.

Poo-Pourri Lil Stinker

Little Stinker

Try this all-natural, non-toxic diaper deodorizer.

Sweet Cheeks

Sweet fragrances for both sets of cheeks!

Poo-Pourri Super Dooper Pooper

Super Dooper Pooper

Make potty training more fun (and much better smelling) with these bathroom sprays designed for toddlers. Available in pink and blue.

Poo-Pourri Gone Flushin

Gone Flushin’

This gift set will give your outdoorsman the fresh scents of citrus and mountain air.

Fit-Pourri Shoe-Pourri


Stomp out shoe odors with this powerful shoe deodorizer!